Kristian Bjornstad,
Exploring new avenues in visioning  life and faith.
I was introduced to photography in the basement of my uncle's house one summer as a young teen.  I found his stack of photography magazines - and fell in love.
My first camera was a Richo KR-10 Super 35mm camera that I bought in university.  I took the best pictures I could with no training or thought about what I was doing for the next many years.  ​​​

Then, approximately 12 years ago, as I attended a family reunion, I just started taking pictures with a point and shoot digital camera I had brought along.  I had so much fun that I started to think I should do more of it.  Then there were a couple weddings in my church and I saw a couple photographers in action - but then felt disappointed in the results the bride showed me afterward.  I had a crazy idea that I could take better pictures than they did.

Over the last years I have been studying and advancing in the skill and art of photography, experimenting in many different genres, focusing in on portraiture, street, and nature photography.  I also was able to shoot some number of weddings as well.

Thank you for your interest in my photography.  My aim now, over and above continuing to bless as many as I can with beautiful portraiture, is to focus on "making" pictures that portray and effectively communicate the Christian faith, its character and truth.  My goal is to inspire faith and new life in Christ in many.

I have a "real" job as a pastor and  currently live with my wife and daughter (pictured below)  in Scranton, PA, but I will be moving out of the state to the Midwest sometime the summer of 2018.

“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.”
           — Imogen Cunningham