Kristian Bjornstad,
Exploring new avenues in visioning  life and faith.
“We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.”

— Ralph Hattersley

Please join me in my upcoming adventures in photographic art.
I aim to not only give glory to God in my more conventional picture making, but desire to expand my horizons to illustrate the Christian faith in crafted and staged photographic art.
My Blog
  1. Church at Rest and Militant: Peace Lutheran Church's  Anniversary Portrait
    Thank you for visiting my web page and blog! I have been taking any kind of photograph I have been able to for quite some time.  I am sure I will continue in that way because I just really can't keep away from the camera no matter the situation I am in.  But I definitely desire to focus a good portion of the next chapter in my photographic adventure to my Christian faith and capturing its essence in photographs that are both "taken" and "made". Here is a very rudimentary, yet meaningful start